Band history
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Band history

Timbre music - the name for this band has been invented by Petr Chudoba - current band leader, at a time when he was a serial player in band which was led by Zdenek Mühlfeit around in 1988. Original name was Timbre FIVE as the band played in the quintet.

However, the history of the band goes back even further, although with a different name and cast. TM actually originated from the Dance Orchestra SZK ROH Roudnice nL - Rip current Kass which was also the founder of the band. In 1982 a 15 years old trumpet student of conservatory P. Chudoba came to play and is now the only human part which connects the history.

That time the orchestra counted 10 musicians, 2 singers. In few years band was renamed to ALBUM - or Z. Mühlfeit’s Orchestra who (after Mr. Vanek and several other bandleaders) was band leader until the year of 1992.

At that time big live bands suffered from a boom of electronic music and got to crisis period. This happened also to this orchestra. At the beginning of the 90s the band narrowed to 4-5 members but still played live. In 1992 soul if this music band - P. Chudoba started to play alone as eintet player (keyboards, trumpet, vocals) and rode 3 years abroad especially on overseas ships. The rest of the band dissolved in other bands. In 1995 after arrival back from ships P. Chudoba managed to gather new people (cast: keyboards, trumpet, trombone, saxophone, drums, vocals) and new modern history of Timbre-history began.

Over the next ten years the band jumped from the performance of region Roudnice and near to today's performance at prestigious events across the Czech Republic and the German-speaking countries of Europe. Today a constitution of the band is 2-12 musicians which can fully satisfy any requirements of the organizers.

In April 2004 after 1 year long preparation Timbre Music succeeded to launch a performance of its own musical costume show called FLASH SHOW where it joined the musical performance and theater, fun and costume elements. Through this program the band could get much more far from the point of art and interests of organizers and agencies who are preparing important events like party of the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in 2004 (participated by Czech president V. Klaus).

Since then the band began to perform at a very prestigious events all over the Czech Republic. Most of them are for example the 12th, 13th and 16th anniversary of TV Nova, TV NOVA for V.IP, balls StarDance - Czech TV (band performing as a big dance band also), performing for banks, multinational institutions, town festivals, large and small companies, etc. In 2009 we added LATIN SHOW, STYLE SHOW, KIDS SHOW and thematic programs. In addition we are offering Sinatra revival and Armstrong revival. Therefore organizers have many options which they can choose from...

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