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Timbre Music is the only band in the Czech Republic (and probably in the world) who offers different show programs with the possibility of connection with small or large orchestra used for the whole evening. Next to this we can offer you also revival performance.

All possibilities can be used for dancing or concerts, therefore the organizer can always find what he needs!

Show programs

Flash show Latin show Style show around the world
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Show programy 2

tematicsprograms.png   danceorchestra.png
James Bond Party, Mafie Party  Movie Party, Navy show.... 4 - 14 musicians
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Show programy 3

revival.png childrensprograms.png
Frank Sinatra revival Louis Armstrong revival Kids Show, Educational Progr.
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O skupině

For many years Timbre Music band is one of the most popular bands for prestigious events in the Czech Republic and abroad as well.

Unique shows, charisma, temperament, flexibility, close contact with the audience and great musical performance are the main attributes leading to success, which is proved by the excellent references. (e.g. repeated performances for TV Nova, Czech TV, the banking sector, etc ... please see "reference")

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